Spider-Man: Homecoming

Peter Parker balances his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens with his superhero alter-ego Spider-Man, and finds himself on the trail of a new menace prowling the skies of New York City.

Homecoming provided an incredible opportunity to delve into the MCU and address Jon Watts' question of what a group of kids' school life would look like in a world where superheroes are real.

Key Art

This represents just a tiny fraction of the artwork generated for spider-man: homecoming. We had an amazing team of artists collaborate in exploring ideas, then getting them translated into executable sets and shoot days. Thanks to everyone, Jon Watts and the Marvel team. The artists who's work is shown on this collection are credited in the team tag (so its not a complete list of artists on the movie.)

The movies concept art timeline in my office in Atlanta. Pls note the dangling superseded images at the bottom of the wall.

Besides of the concept art, we had to see to tranlate illustrated (and some non- illustrated) ideas into draftings, props, graphics etc. Here are some more quick samples:

a sample of Kevin Kalaba and Jen Moyes work on store graphics
Concept art (Peter Rubin) and sketches (Oliver Scholl) lead to set designs (Josh Lusby)...
sometimes seemingly simple ideas....
require a lot of focus from everyone, Art Director Brad Ricker and Set Designer Richard Mays
.... And lead to surprising solutions. In collaboration with Construction (Supervisor Jon Hoskins) and Dan Sudik's FX team.
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Just some ideas, as starting points. I usually keep scribbling or worst case scenario paint into/over my teams art as quick annotation.

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Production Stills

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Deep Cuts

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